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Mar 4, 2023
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Going on vacation? School is picking up? How about a new job coming up or you perhaps just need a break away?
The Absence thread is a place where you can let the community know your activity will drop! Drop your message down below to inform
people of your whereabouts.

There are two rules to this thread!
  1. Do not post passive aggressive comments in the thread. All posts regarding this will be deleted.​
  2. Please keep it civil within posts.​
Hope to see you back soon! ❤️
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During the week I may be absent throughout the days because of school.
In the next coming weeks, I'll be slightly more busy than usual as I need to finish some uni work 🌸
Weekends typically won't be days I might be actively available, but if I am, it'll mostly be late night time!
Work and life gets in the way. But generally I am a message (and a couple days notice) away. Posting here to say my flakyness is not purposeful, I promise. But do be aware of it. :)
I work two jobs that both have odd hours to them. So if I ain't around or just at odd hours on the server you know why.
My activity is going to drop some for about two weeks, unsure if it'll last for that long but Im only a poke away if anyone needs anything
I may be a little inactive during weekdays since I have cheer college and highschool. I’ll get on when I can! I’ll still be checking forums every hour lol
I'm gonna be taking a wee break from the server to get my uni sorted properly and destress. See you all on the Valentines Event
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