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Mar 4, 2023
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┌─── ∘°❉ April Newsletter ❉°∘ ───┐
1st of Aemal's Watch, year 124

~Hello Seekers~
Welcome to the seventh Osrian Newsletter release!

While some have gained quite the stash of chocolates and others can’t see another egg for the rest of the year, one thing is for certain:
Easter has come and already gone as we move from March into April.
We’ve already survived the trials and tribulations of a mischievous April 1st,
but we are only at the start of the month with still plenty capable of happening in the weeks ahead.

No matter whether you have an eventful time ahead or life’s pace is slowing down a bit after several holiday-filled early months of the year,
Osria is still continuing onwards at a steady pace as we continue to expand lore and aim to continue providing fun roleplaying experiences.

Several player-made settlements have already started to be set up on a few areas of the continent,
expanding the potential hotspots for characters to visit, gather and hang out.
We wish everyone the best in their settling efforts!

Our monthly newsletters offer a quick overview on notable changes and additions that happened over the previous month.
If you’re looking for these updates and recaps, you’re in the right place!
Keep an eye out for other points of interest such as the monthly question or riddle for a chance to earn a title and Crystals, as well as news regarding server contribution or temporary season related bundles.
We continue to strive for engagement with the community and providing enjoyment to all partaking in Osria’s RP experience.

As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns or simply wish to aid our growing community!

Happy Roleplaying
  • Build Team: A big welcome to Nyomi_Wood & Crowberus , who both have joined our Build Team together in March!
  • [!] Current Story Arc: [Furore: Planar Chaos]
    Chaos is at an all-time high as Sunnydale and the lands beyond have been subjected to peculiar events, whimsical distortions, reality-bending encounters and much more.

Random events continue to be a possibility to encounter, especially at times of notable player activity in an area.
Usually when sudden events occur, the DM will give a ping in the random-event-ping channel to alert people they are able to run a random event.
Some of these events might be part of something greater that will last longer than a single event.

Make sure to keep an eye out for that and if you haven't joined our discord yet, consider joining. You can find the link on our homepage.
  • And from that day forward whenever a bunch of animals are gathered in one place it's called a zoo.
    Unless it’s a farm!

    More creatures are step-by-step being added to the [Fauna] section within Osria’s Lore.
    Even more to come, so keep an eye out for more threads and updates.
  • You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.
    More lore on Xenron’s factions and cities is being actively added on the forums.
    Check these new additions out in the [Xenron Lore] section.

Lore updates can happen at any time with new discoveries and encounters; by player effort, during events and other happenings.
You can check out Osrian Lore over at [Lore]
Did you know you can submit your own lore or write lore for a reward?

Click [Here] to find out more!
  • I can see clearly now, the rain has gone.
    All Detection and Identification spells now have a standard and specific way of function which is elaborated in the Build-A-Spell document.
    New conditions have also been added in the form of Wet and Fused.
  • Sell me this pen.
    Market and Dockyard have had their passives reworked to make the structures more valuable, while still retaining the usability as warp points.
    Owners earn
    100 extra Crystals for a total of 275 Crystals, due to resource buildings already granted resources alongside payment.
    A few bits of extra balancing and updating happened to other buildings as well.
    • Markets specifically allow access to Common and Uncommon crafting goods merchants for your settlement.
    • Dockyards allow for occasional exotic merchants to sell Rare goods or goods not generally found in the nearby areas.
  • The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.
    There is now an extra document beneath the link to the Build-A-Spell document link that expands on possible effectsthat can be done through spells.
    You can find this link at [Chapter 3: Branches of Progression].

To keep up to date on additions and changes to our system outside of the monthly newsletter,
be sure to visit [
Changes & Updates] on the Osria Forums and the # quick-patches channel in the Osria Roleplay Discord.
Check out notable threads and forums!
They are there for your convenience or perhaps you would just like to let the community know what you're up to or view new additions or reworks of the lore and systems.
More threads coming soon!
Server Voting
You can vote daily for Osria via the Vote button on the Forum’s Navigation Bar.​
This helps to keep Osria visible on the server listings and giving more players a chance to discover our community!​
Currently Osria can be voted for on Planet Minecraft, Minecraft-MP, Polymart & Minecraft Server List.​
Each daily vote also earns you 5 Crystals as a thank you.​
Comments & Reviews
We appreciate any comments or reviews for Osria on some of the Voting websites that our server is listed on!​

Currently Planet Minecraft & Minecraft Server List support leaving a comment/review.​
Leaving a comment or review on one of these grants a one-time reward of 200 Crystals.​
For both, we have a special Tag as a thank you​
If you have made a review, please open a Community Ticket on the main discord with screenshots.​
Friend Referrals
Enjoying the server and thinking of inviting your friends over?​
When you manage to get someone interested into joining Osria and they complete the Whitelisting process while mentioning you as the one to invite them,​
a referral reward of 300 Crystals is granted.​
Contribution Store
Help Keep Osria Alive is an ever present donation option at the [Contribution Store].
Donations of this kind will earn you points that have a bunch of uses to further customize your presence on the server and forums.
Keep an eye out for seasonal bundles that may temporarily appear in the store from time to time, they’ll be announced in our Newsletters.
Here's the perks you can get with points from donations;
1 Os Point per purchase for the following;
  • Custom tags
  • Custom log-in message
  • Custom log-out message
  • Custom Forum Badge
For custom messages and tags, they must fit the theme of the server. You may also have colours or gradients implemented in your messages and tags.
For the forum badges, ensure the images fit into the frame to display clearly as a badge.
You may create a Community Team ticket or poke a CT member In-Game. (You can get more points over at Help Keep Osria Alive)
  • 1 point for one custom message or tag with any one colour.
  • 2 points for any one colour to highlight your name or character's name for a custom message
  • 3 points for a gradient for a tag | No gradients for custom messages
  • 4 points for a custom forum badge
  • 5 points for a custom animated forum badge

Seasonal Events
Starting this year, Osria’s community team will be bringing in more seasonal community events for everyone to enjoy.​
Art and skin contests? Showing off one’s creativity in various manners? Something fitting for the different annual holidays?​
Stay tuned closer to these dates to find out more.​
Movie Nights
Have you been keeping up to date with the Community Polls on the Osria Discord? Keep an eye out for the discord pings whenever Movie Night is on!
Community Team hosts regular movie or series nights on the weekends. It's a fun way to meet other people in the community or watch a great show that was voted on by people!
Community Games
Who vented? Fallen and can’t get up? Surprise Energy Sword by a pink Master Chief?​
From time to time, someone from staff might set up a multiplayer game for interested players to play together, some of these being free-to-play titles too.​
Discord also offers a selection of easy to start up multiplayer games with no added effort of set-up or installations needed!​
If you feel like taking a break from roleplaying but still want to have fun together with the community, this might just be a fun alternative to unwind through!​
Keep an eye out for when these multiplayer game sessions might pop up.​
Trivia Trials
Interested in testing your knowledge of the available lore of Osria?
Starting in November a new addition arrives to the weekly Community Team hosted event in the Osria Discord.
Participate in answering a changing selection of questions about Osria and earn Crystals for getting all answers correct.
There’s even a bonus in it for the first person to do so!
Expect standard questions and multiple choice with more variants being added in the future.
Once a month, a question will be introduced on each newsletter.​
There are 3 awards for the first 3 people to guess the answer right.​
People must open a Community Team ticket on the Osria Discord to post their answers!​
The 3 winners of this month’s riddle will receive the [Eggcelent] Tag:​
  • First Place: recieve the [Eggcelent] Tag and 300 crystals. Winner: Typler
  • Second Place: recieve the [Eggcelent] Tag and 200 crystals. Winner: Jasper151627237
  • Third Place: recieve the [Eggcelent] Tag and 100 crystals. Winner: Ponyo
Riddle of the Month
A city of otherwordly origins housing many seeking prosperity,
yet many go there to achieve such through lack of morality.
It is desperately kept in check by magical hunters upholding laws,
yet numerous are those of silvered hands and the blackest of paws.
The local leadership holds arcane power aplenty,
with a headcount numbered at the half-a-twenty.
Should you seek a place of money and magic,
what is this city called that should do the trick?
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