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Mar 4, 2023
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┌─── ∘°❉ Changes to System ❉°∘ ───┐

Hello Seekers,
This thread will hold all updates, patches, and changes and will be bumped each time something does change.

  • The current tech level is being moved to 1500s, while the max tech level is being set to 1800s. Guns will be allowed to exist but not through the traditional means of gunpowder as they do not exist.​
  • Ingots will no longer require crafting attempts and instead will be rolled into item cost.
  • A new spawn is being put in that everyone will be moved to.
  • Held actions and the dodge action have been implemented.​
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Another change critical hits have been added. A for ease of term use in abilities, and B for fun of rolling natural 20. This only applies to attack rolls. For more details look in the Roleplay section.
Another change has been done, fixed up weapon rules to be up to date, split polearms into two categories onehanded and two, added rules to add versatile, reach and finesse. Weapons current abilities will be carried over and un changed unless they fit in new category.

Also added rules for short range shooting.
Another change, crafting xp has been reduced as its been a bit too reliable and easy to get for two certain rarities, so uncommon and rare items xp gain were nerfed to 15 and 20 respectively.
Masterwork and Thrown property added. Removed thrown weapon types. Thrown weapons use strength and masterwork adds +1 to attack rolls. Added crafting rules for both.
Added Multi-attack penalty inside the roleplay rules related to weapon attacks and boosted armor AC by 1. This is to make it a little harder to hit and bring down martials damage as they where performing similiar numbers to casters without any resources spent.
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Buffs for HUMANS!
Humans skill adaptation now just gives a full skill proficiency.
They gained a new secondary ability, they can reroll a death resist once per event.
Lastly removed the restriction on attribute point placement.​
Two new Voting Sites have been added
Sunnydale Lore and Sunnydale NPCs is updated
Whitelist now as referal rewards of 300 crystal​
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This is the first major patch to our System now Called Realmseeker. We believed we have strayed far enough from the old system Voyager both in how we operate and its original purpose that a new name was needed. We have many changes in this update that shall be listed below.
  1. Updated Character sheet: Added tons of quality life features and it is now mandatory to keep abilities on it. Must see to believe.
  2. New branch of magic Occult. To much going on here to list out go check it out! It also has patrons and curses that came along with it incase you want be a werewolf or a vampire.
  3. 4 new Races, Go check the Jekai, The Awakened, Bael Elves and Erden out!
  4. Core rules updated
    1. Magic got sweeping buffs here are the major ones. Make sure to read your branch of magic to know whats changed. You definitely gained some things.
      1. Mana now scales better.
      2. More attunement slots, on same par as martials now.
      3. More passives, roughly 2-3 more.
      4. New spell mastery feature to help spell cost out.
      5. Cantrips now scale every 5 levels instead of 10.
      6. Got dispel magic and counter spell as features.
      7. Summoning was moved to level 5 and familiars to level 3
    2. Unarmored Armor Class is now 10+Dex
    3. Intelligence now gives one language per +1 in modifier and at +5 in modifier you get a free skill proficiency!
    4. Everyone now gets a feature at level 8 and 18 to add their proficiency rank to a specified resist check. This was done to help out high levels as mages DC would become impossible to pass.
    5. Orcs unarmored class is now 11+dex
    6. You are now required to choose your alignment.
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Settling Updates
Major changes where done too settling. Here they are.
  • You can only own/work at one building.
  • Owners get more money.
  • Non resource buildings give more money.
  • Resource buildings now pay a single bundle to each employee.
  • Settling owners get Taxs.
  • Removed hamlet and reduced village requirements.​
  • Only one type of each building a settlement.​
  • Players once decided on ownership may get refunds on paid for buildings. Sunnydale owned ones can not be refunded.
  • Players now can only vouch for ONE settlement regardless of number of characters.
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A rule has been added to xp progression. To prevent boosting levels too quickly after a certain level. This does not apply retroactively. So this week be the first it is enabled. 1/29/2024​
XP Cap: After level 5 you can only gain up to a max of 200xp per character per week. You can still participate in events and craft. Only xp gain is halted for that week upon hitting the cap.​
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New Rule

3.9. Whenever an event ends as declared by a DM. Players may get off the server without moderation issues. Any further issues or problems can be dealt with at another time. Though RP will never be halted and any request to do so will be denied.
1. Added the economy section clarifying how the economy works
2. Added a crap ton of gems to the enchantment lists.
Formalized detection spells. They will now work in a very specific way and this is to be applied to all detection spells. Please look at build a spell for this.
Wet condition added.
Fused condition added.
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As there was no real benefit to the market and dockyard some passives were changed. They still have the benefit of allowing warp points.
Owners now get an extra 100 crystals flat for both. So now at level 1 owners get 275 crystals. This is to account for resource buildings argueablly providing more.
Market allows npc merchants to show up to your town that can sell goods like common items and uncommon for crafting.
Dockyard allows for an exotic merchant to show up to sell sometimes rare materials or items from far off reach's of the continent.

Also updated fauna building to operate like the rest of settling.
Clarfied market you cant just have a shop to be an owner
Nerfed farmland to produce a normal amount of bundles like everyone else.
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Added a warehouse where all goods will be placed that are related to settling. This is to simplfy payments
Added some additional traits to Jekai
Rewrote all of history to align with our new lore
Epic bundles now give 3 of an item
Weekly events are every 2 weeks but doubled rewards.
MAJOR Patch 1.1.2
A few major editions to the system.
First a PASSIVE BUILDER. This will be used to help standardize passives and to make everyone's lives easier in making them. If you have passive that is weaker than one you could build with this, you can update your passive but only using the passive builder and it will be approved. You may only do this to feats that can be directly linked to the builders effects. Please be patient with staff.
This came with one major nerf. Hit point feats now only give 2 hit points per level. This is because it gave a bit too many hit points early on. A lot of other passives where buffed so martials especially should notice their weaker passives feel better.
The second thing that has been added is Martial Masteries. This feature replaces multi-attack at levels 10 and 20, and also gives them a new feature at levels 5 and 29. These are predetermined effects and will get more as time goes on. PS don't worry you can still get multi-attack through this feature.
Next on the agenda is Roleplay Philosophy and Guide. To aid players who are new set expectations and understand how RP works.
PATCH 1.1.3
Added an auto balancing feature. This will allow lower level players to join high level events. It is designed to only aid in large level differences not small ones. I will see how this plays out before making further changes. It can be found in the
roleplay system. With this change the level difference restriction on party sizes is removed.
Added a rule to allow dms to have gatherings be part of a main story line event. Can be found in economy.
Patch 1.1.4
Added increased XP for fighting higher level creatures.
Added rules for Legendary Items and Mythic Items.
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