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Long ago, dragons were a true menace to all they came across. Greedy, cruel, vindictive creatures that soared high in the sky, seeking to destroy and create chaos. Even though they were created by Era, they did not follow her and formed craters of burnt ash or eat the creations she so delicately created. However, it all changed when seven dragons were born. Four brothers and three sisters; united together. They were determined to unite all dragonkind, creating a powerful pact that would transcend them above all other dragons. Thus, these siblings would be now known as The Dragon Lords. Dragons still cause destruction, but under these Lords, it has significantly decreased.

Below is a list of each Dragon Lord with their type, tenets, and personality.​

Lord Kalliope of Sound and Resonation
(Female; Neutral)

The firstborn. Something rang in the distance, a sound never heard before; screeching in glory. Lord Kalliope is a shy individual. She hasn’t shown herself in countless centuries though her greedy personality shines through that. She is the smallest out of her siblings and has a scared and skittish way of interacting with them. Obsessed with anything that shines, she’s rumored to hide in a deep cave lying atop millennia of treasures and jewels.​

Values: Shinies, Stealth, Observation

Lord Marduk of Sparks and Thunder
(Male; Good)

The second born. After the first sound rang, the sight of thunder blessed the sky. Unlike his older sister, Lord Marduk was extremely curious. They weren’t afraid of anything and loved to explore. He shared these experiences with his siblings, taking on a generous spirit. He’s rumored to be expanding his never-ending traveling kingdom.​

Values: New experiences, Generosity, Childlike Curiosity

Lord Brandr of Flames and Fire
(Female; Good)

The third born. As the thunder struck, fire lit the ground aflame. A strong and prideful lord who loves challenges. She’s a bit eccentric because of her enthusiasm for being a lord, but it pales in comparison to her brother Botu. Honorable and disciplined is how Lord Brandr would describe herself. She’s rumored to be guiding her kingdom from her throne.​

Values: Honor, Pride, Confidence

Lord Botulinum "Botu" of Poison and Croak
(Male; Evil)

The fourth born. The fire burned, and the toxins rose. Lord Botu is strange. He was always pulling some kind of mischief to make his siblings go through. With all the goofing around, it was a surprise for him to be invited to become a Lord. But, Botu was strong and he knew that. Shifty, but extremely crafty in his ways and always flew under the radar for a ‘strategic reason’ he’d say. He’s rumored to be… somewhere?​

Values: Trickery, Craftiness, Silliness

Lord Fluoro of Acids and Sulphur
(Female; Evil)

The fifth born. As the toxins rose into the air, acid seeped into the ground. Lord Fluoro is frightening. While she may be the fifth dragon lord, her abilities are nothing to sneeze at; similar to her brother Botu. She’s cryptic and off-putting with her own siblings feeling a sense of dread, always smiling. Out of all the Lords, she cares the least about her followers. She will never lie but finds it completely fine to lie by omission. Anything to meet her ‘quota.’ She’s rumored to be gathering something.​

Values: Deceit, Truth, Vision

Lord Izotz of Ice and Frost
(Male; Neutral)

The sixth born. Thus, the frost and snow covered the poison and froze the acid. Perhaps his personality is derived from his elder brother, but their love for understanding the world stops there. Lord Izotz is a hardened researcher. He tries to understand the world around him to the best ability. He’s a peaceful individual and seems to not get involved in his sibling’s messes so long as he is kept out of it. Quiet and intuitive. He’s rumored to be researching in a deep cave for his kingdom.​

Values: Invention, Creation, Study

"The One Who Rose Them" "Ouroboros" (unknown): ⎓∷𝙹ᒲ ℸ ̣⍑ᒷ ↸ᒷ!¡ℸ ̣⍑ᓭ, ⍑ᒷ ʖ∷𝙹ꖌᒷ ℸ ̣⍑ᒷᒲ ⎓∷ᒷᒷ. (But, from the depths, he broke them free.)​
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