Laws of Mirstone


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Crimes Against Citizens:
  • Severe: Arson, Assault Resulting in Mutilation or Crippling, Magical Assault, Forgery, Slavery, Abduction.
  • Serious: Robbery, Burglary, Theft or Killing of Livestock, Repetition of Lesser Offenses, Usury.
  • Lesser: Damage to Property, Assault (Wounding), Assault on Livestock, Unlawful Hinderance of Business.
  • Minor: Assault (Without Wounding or Robbery), Excessive Noise
Crimes Against Gods:
  • Severe: Defiling of a Holy Place
  • Serious: Theft of Temple Goods or Offerings, Tomb-Robbing, Repetition of any Lesser Offenses
  • Lesser: Assault Upon a Priest or Lay Worshipper
  • Minor: Public Blasphemy of a God or Priesthood, Drunkenness, and Disorderly Conduct at places of Worship
Crimes Against the City:
  • Severe: Poisoning of City Water sources, Murder, Spying, Sabotage
  • Serious: Adultery, Disturbing the Peace, Fraud, Fencing Stolen Goods, Unlawful Dueling, Murder with Justification, Repetition of any Lesser Offenses.
  • Lesser: Bribery of City Officer or Official; Hindrance of City Watch/Guards in their Duty
  • Minor: Bribery, Unlawful Flight over City, Blasphemy Against Foreign Ambassadors, Vagrancy, Littering (Including of Human Waste), Brandishing a Weapon Dangerously or Threatening without Due Cause, Dangerous Operation of Equipment, Wagons, or other Conveyance.
  • Additional Clauses: Production Owners—The owners of those buildings summed as production are subject to a tax on profit paid to the town. This profit may be in the form of goods and/or monetary value.
    Council Members—Council members shall not accept any bribe or coercion regarding voting, policies, laws, etc. Council Members are to be an example in Mirstone and uphold the laws and ideals of the town.
Crimes Against Nobility:
  • Severe: Arson, Assault Resulting in Mutilation or Crippling, Magical Assault, Forgery, Slavery, Abduction, Treason, Assault Upon or Impersonation of a Noble, Assault Upon or Impersonation of a Council Member, Forgery of an Official Document.
  • Serious: Theft, Vandalism, Or Arson Against the City, Impersonation of Guardsmen or Officer of the Watch, Repetition of Lesser Offenses, Wilful Disobedience of any Edict Uttered Against One by a Governor/Governess/Councilor.
  • Lesser: Unlawful Observation or Copying of an Official Document, Assault Upon Any City Officer Acting in the Line of Duty.
  • Minor: Blasphemy Against Councilors/Governor/Governess.

Punishments: Punishments for breaking the law will be doled out according to the severity of the crime committed or the law broken.

  • Severe: Death, Life Imprisonment, Torture, Exile, or Fate Worse than Death
  • Serious: Imprisonment, House Arrest, Exile, Heavy Fine
  • Lesser: Imprisonment for a Short period of time, House Arrest, Fine, Warning
  • Minor: Fine, Scolding

Resolutions: For those incidents that may not necessarily call for punishment, the Guard Captain or the Council may offer alternative resolutions toward settling disputes, etc. Otherwise the default will be a hearing.
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