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Mar 4, 2023
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┌─── ∘°❉ November Newsletter ❉°∘ ───┐
1st of Igroth's Shadow, year 123

Hello Voyagers
Welcome to the second Osrian Newsletter release!

These newsletters will serve as a monthly update for the community to read in regards to what is happening within the community, if there are any updates with staff team and their works such as reworks, new releases or planned projects that are to be worked on, updates on new contribution plans or anything that might be important for our community to be kept in the loop of. We find it incredibly important to be transparent with players and for their enjoyment, engagement and their roleplay experience.

Enjoy this month's newsletter.

As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns or simply wish to aid our growing community!

Happy Roleplaying & see you on Osria!

  • As per usual, our DMs will continue to host random events on the server for folk to encounter. This can occur when our DMs sees a large portion of people online or when they give a ping in the random-event-ping channel to alert people they are able to run a random event. Likewise, these events may turn out to become a multiple part experience or a piece of a larger event chain.
    Make sure to keep an eye out for that and if you haven't joined our discord yet, consider joining.
    You can find the link on our homepage.
  • Currently there are ongoing events related to violent dog-like creatures assaulting people with acidic capabilities. This will properly continue under the guidance of DM Darkblue100 with the release of more updated systems this month! Stay tuned for pings and public notifications in the Discord.
  • Lore updates continue! New Races and variants, a rework and expansion on gods being finalized, the Magic System being updated and reworked to fit with the new stat system, Alchemy and Enchanting being expanded on as separate professions and more!
    You can check out Osrian Lore over at [Lore].
    • Of Gods and men: Gods have seen an update and with the Titans deciding to retire from an active presence amongst the Divine, new gods have appeared to expand the selection of higher beings that the races worship both in the old mainland and the newer lands.
      Find the new lore on the [
    • New lands, new faces: With people starting to explore the lands beyond the sea surrounding Sunnydale, new races have emerged and are able to be picked for character creation! Additionally, certain races such as the Fae have seen new variants pop up from these new lands. Several existing races, such as Wood Elves, have also been updated to fit better with the reworked systems of Osria.
      Check out the new Race Lore at [Races].
    • Scorched earth: Lore on the Dragon Lords has been released, powerful beings that aren’t quite the same as the Divine, but have an important presence in the new lands. They have an especially close relation to the new Draconid Race.
      Find out more about the [
      Dragon Lords].
  • Did you know you can submit your own lore or write lore for a reward? Click [Here] to find out more!
  • You, who are you?
    Character Creation has been redesigned and been made more straightforward and easier to set up than ever before. There is now an easy to use sheet that will calculate many aspects regarding your character stats based on level, race and expertise.
    Take a look at [Character Creation] for details on the new system and links that will help you set up your own sheet.
  • Roll for Initiative!
    With a reworked system for Character Creation comes a system that’ll make use of all your stats in different ways for events and other relevant situations.
    Over at [Roleplay System] you’ll find info on all kinds of relevant uses for your stats.and ways to turn rolls more into your favor.
  • Let them cook…
    Alchemy has experienced a rework and is now tied to the Crafting stat. Feeling more magically inclined? Enchanting is now its own profession as well and no longer tied to a specific type of Magic, though it is now tied to the Magic stat itself.
    Check out [Alchemy] and [Enchanting] for more info!
  • It’s hammer time!
    Crafting has been updated to fit the new system better, with different materials also having their own perks with crafts such as weapons and armor.
    Check out [Crafting] here!
  • You’re a wizard!
    Magic has gotten a rework to match the reworks on the character, roleplay and combat systems. Time will be taken to grandfather people already involved in any of the Magic types, but in the meantime players both old and new can read up on the changes in [Arcane], [Divine] & [Natural] magic.
  • And MY axe!
    Non-magical combat is being expanded upon as well, stances and feats adding onto what a character can be capable of with body and blade.
    Check out the new [Martial] system.
  • Home is where the heart(h) is.
    If Settling and regions are of interest, these are a recent addition as well. Whether you have an interest in setting up a small settlement, perhaps one day making it a grand City or even a Kingdom, make sure to go over [Here] and have a look on how it's done.

Check out notable threads and forums! They are there for your convenience or perhaps you would just like to let the community know what you're up to or view new additions or reworks of the lore and systems.
More threads coming soon!
Help Keep Osria Alive is an ever present donation option at the [Contribution Store]. Donations of this kind will earn you points that have a bunch of uses to further customize your presence on the server and forums.
Keep an eye out for seasonal bundles that may temporarily appear in the store from time to time, they’ll be announced in our Newsletters.
Here's the perks you can get with points from donations;
1 Os Point per purchase for the following;
  • Custom tags
  • Custom log-in message
  • Custom log-out message
  • Custom Forum Badge
For custom messages and tags, they must fit the theme of the server. You may also have colours or gradients implemented in your messages and tags. For the forum badges, ensure the images fit into the frame to display clearly as a badge. You may create a Community Team ticket or poke a CT member In-Game. (You can get more points over at Help Keep Osria Alive)
  • 1 point for one custom message or tag with any one colour.
  • 2 points for any one colour to highlight your name or character's name for a custom message
  • 3 points for a gradient for a tag | No gradients for custom messages
  • 4 points for a custom forum badge
  • 5 points for a custom animated forum badge

Movie Nights
Have you been keeping up to date with the Community Polls on the Osria Discord? Keep an eye out for the discord pings whenever Movie Night is on! Community Team hosts regular movie or series nights on the weekends. It's a fun way to meet other people in the community or watch a great show that was voted on by people!
These will typically happen the second and fourth weekend of the month.
Trivia Nights
Interested in testing your knowledge of the available lore of Osria? Starting in November a new addition arrives to the weekly Community Team hosted event in the Osria Discord. Participate in answering a changing selection of questions about Osria and earn Crystals for getting all answers correct. There’s even a bonus in it for the first person to do so!
Expect standard questions and multiple choice with more variants being added in the future.
These will typically happen the first and third weekend of the month.
Once a month, a question will be introduced on each newsletter. There are 3 awards for the first 3 people to guess the answer right. People must open a Community Team ticket on the Osria Discord to post their answers!
  • First Place: recieve the Sigma Tag and 150 crystals reward. - DigitalCafe
    • 1696130288861.png
  • Second Place: 100 crystals.
  • Third Place: 50 crystals.
Question of the Month
Named similar to a seasonal treat, I have tricks of my own up my sleeve.
Just as sweet when consumed, I instead may soothe and grant reprieve.
My close namesake is often gained through risk of scares with much glee.
Meanwhile, my scent will lead those who dare out into the wilds straight to me.
Now there is but one question I ask of you:
To which name does my existence ring true?
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