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┌─── ∘°❉ October Newsletter ❉°∘ ───┐
1st of Ultam's Haunt, year 123

Hello Voyagers
Welcome to the first Osrian Newsletter release! These newsletters will serve as a monthly update for the community to read in regards to what is happening within the community, if there are any updates with staff team and their works such as reworks, new releases or planned projects that are to be worked on, updates on new contribution plans or anything that might be important for our community to be kept in the loop of. We find it incredibly important to be transparent with players and for their enjoyment for engagement and their roleplay experience.

Please enjoy the contents of this newsletter.

As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns or simply wish to aid our growing community!
Happy Roleplaying

  • Most days, our DMs will be hosting random events on the server for folk to encounter. This can occur when our DMs sees a large portion of people online or when they give a ping in the random-event-ping channel to alert people they are able to run a random event. Make sure to keep an eye out for that and if you haven't joined our discord yet, consider joining. You can find link on our homepage.
  • It is now October! So be prepared to encounter spooky events along the way. An upcoming event chain will consist of Mazes & Chaos themed, be sure to jump in on those if you can. Remember, the best way to get involved with event chains is to actively pursue something related to it or speak to characters who are directly involved!
  • Lots of lore is being updated and reworked and is on it's way to new released and introductions to the world! This includes flore, fauna, races and history etc! You may witness new lore being used within Events. You can check out Osrian Lore over at [Lore]
  • Did you know you can submit your own lore or write lore for a reward? Click [Here] to find out more!
  • Want to make a region? Have a craving to make your way into becoming a City or even a Kingdom or higher? Settling was just recently released! Make sure to go over [Here] and have a look on how it's done.
  • Crafting and Magic is on it's way to being reworked currently! There will be future discussions with the playerbase and polls to see what people would like to see in the reworks. Keep in mind that Staff has all right to refuse ideas and any requests if it does not suit the theme or envision of Osrian environment.

Check out our New threads and forums! They are there for your convenient or perhaps you would just like to let the community know what you're up to. More threads coming soon!
It's Spooky Month! You know what that means? Halloween is nearby! Check out our new contribution holiday pack over at [Contribution Store]. Here's the perks you will get upon purchance;
  • 7ac51818a799df4984e8a115d9a656b5e7fab6db.png
  • dde69cdca7ad986c51636995b50feaa808f2f106.png
  • bc65818fd6f91c0fd7343accd4fe0a2536e7fbd9.png
  • 63c48a5935058424461f483ef9c3c704296f598d.png
  • 13ab2b2f7d74b3333d710539b6596c30e07ba9f6.png
  • 2456220c91df49feb82b5c89d6e52e04068080b5.png
  • d961edbeee4ca64cf5a0134b31ae2ecf834caed1.png
  • d26965c6cf20433e8254d05db4ddf3efe1a3fc63.png
  • 29cc1af081750868be1db64abb8f7a56ab68ac2e.png
Badges: Please make sure to make a Community Team Ticket with evidence of your purchase so that staff can add the following items.
1 Os Point per purchase for the following;
  • Custom tags
  • Custom log-in message
  • Custom log-out message
  • Custom Forum Badge
For custom messages and tags, they must fit the theme of the server. You may also have colours or gradients implemented in your messages and tags. For the forum badges, ensure the images fit into the frame to display clearly as a badge. You may create a Community Team ticket or poke a CT member In-Game. (You can get more points over at Help Keep Osria Alive)
  • 1 point for one custom message or tag with any one colour.
  • 2 points for any one colour to highlight your name or character's name for a custom message
  • 3 points for a gradient for a tag | No gradients for custom messages
  • 4 points for a custom forum badge
  • 5 points for a custom animated forum badge

Movie Nights
Have you been keeping up to date with the Community Polls on the Osria Discord? Keep an eye out for the discord pings whenever Movie Night is on! Community Team hosts regular movie or series nights on the weekends. It's a fun way to meet other people in the community or watch a great show that was voted on by people!​
Once a month, a question will be introduced on each newsletter. There are 3 awards for the first 3 people to guess the answer right. People must open a Community Team ticket on the Osria Discord to post their answers!​
Question of the Month
What is the mortal name associated to Aemal before he became a deity?​
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