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Mar 4, 2023
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Ongoing events

This post contains all the ongoing events that your character would and should be aware of when roleplaying on the server. These are common knowledge.

1. Currently, the gates of the town are closed for all of those that do not have a permit to leave town. To leave town without a permit, one has to have a DM to DM the guards.
(Failure to do so will promptly have you be teleported back into town)

2. The area outside of town is incredibly dangerous. It is known that many beasts walk the woods, and that chief among them there is a giant undead bear named Fred. Encountering Fred is said to be a death sentence.

3. Sunnydale is currently under threat of pirates: Little to no shipping from the mainland is happening, no fish is being brought in, and the pirates are known to be dangerous.

- The threat of pirates appears to have been removed! Though, Madilyn of Piety is missing, and rumours of Frederick of humility going off the wall are spreading: "That knife-eared freak has lost it completely" - Gerald McSnapper.

4. Sunnydale is said to harbour a cult of Ultamites beneath the city streets. They are assumed to be responsible for the corruption of many crops.

5. Sunnydale is under threat of famine. Food stores are rapidly depleting due to Ongoing event 2, 3, and 4. Efforts against this can be made through tickets.

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