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Character sheet​

18 +416 +314 HP 6310 +016 +310 +08 -1

AC= 12+dexterity modifier+world modifier. [19]
Unarmed Damage = 1d8+Strength+3 [From steel brass knuckles]
Unarmed proficiency= d20+strength+proficiency (2)
Cross bow proficiency = d20+dex+(2)
Heavy Crossbow Damage= 1d10+Dexmod? Two handed Piercing Damage.
Two handed edged = d20+strength+2
Two handed edged damage=d12+strength

-Voyager Sheet-
Realm seeker ^

Attribute Increase: Strength
Skill: Choose one of the following Athletics, Nature, or Husbandry.
  • Primary Bulky Body: Orcs gain an extra 2 hit points per level.
  • Secondary Brute Strength: Orcs have an extra 2 inventory slots and have advantage on strength checks to push, pull or lift.
  • Secondary Natural Defense: While not wearing armor orcs Armor class is 10+Dexterity mod instead of 8+Dexterity mod. They can still benefit from shields.

Skills | Optional | Modifiers

Cooking level 99

As a butcher with a large gut Ruby has the skills to reap the tastiest parts of an animal and cook them. This skill utilizes your drip and knowledge of spices in order to make the most banging ass meals of the century. With this skill not only can you feed people and put a smile on their face, but cooking skills brings the love together.

I: +2 modifier on top of World modifier
II: +3 modifier on top of World modifier
III: +4 modifier on top of World modifier
IV: +5 modifier on top of World modifier
All cooking skill checks are considered regular check.

Stance: The Luchador
Stances Effect: [Way of the fists re-skin]Tier 1 level 1: While in this stance you must be unarmored to gain its benefits. Your unarmored armor class becomes 12+dexterity modifier+world modifier. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d8+strength modifier damage. Lastly, you gain your strength modifier to damage on multi attack with unarmed strikes. (Cloth does not count as armor)Note: This stance has a pre-requisite of being an Orc Race due to AC buff. Explanation of Stance and its Idea: He's big and strong. Might as well use it.

Feats + Manuevers

Spoiler tag

  • Level 2 Feat Parry: As a reaction you may add your proficiency rank to your armor class against one melee attack before the attack roll is made if you are proficient in the weapon you are wielding.
  • Level 3 Combat Maneuver The Power Bomb: The powerbomb is a move that involves lifting an opponent up and slamming them down onto your opponent. Both person thrown and person thrown at take unarmed damage. Dex save or be prone.
  • Level 4 Feat Counter Parry: Requires the feat parry. Whenever you use parry if it causes the attack to miss you may make a single attack against the attacker.
  • Level 5 Feat Lucky: Lucky gives you three luck points, and you can spend these points to essentially re-roll a die in certain situations, those being attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throws (by the way, a lot of people forget death saving throws are, you know, saving throws, so it applies.) Note: Only 3 per full OOC day cannot surpass 3
  • Level 6 Feat Sentinel: Opportunity attacks. If you hit your opportunity attack, your enemy's movement will decrease to zero, making them unable to run away.
  • Level 7 Combat manuever disarm: Choose one creature within 1 block. You attempt to do a quick maneuver to grab their weapon throw it while pushing them down. They make a strength resist check. On failure they are knocked prone and one item they are wielding is disarmed and thrown 10 blocks in a direction of your choosing. Martial DC 14.
  • Level 8 Feat Intimidation: The Orcs size and features place a bit of fear in those who stand against him. The Ogre effect. Rolls against Ruby have a -1. Damage not included.

Spoilter tag

Crossbow damage: 1d10+3 (heavy)
Athletics = +6
Stealth/Disguise +3
Acrobatics +3
Sleight of Hand +3
Perception +5
Medicine +3
Survival +3
Husbandry +5
Arcana -1
Enchanting -1
All crafting + 0

Inventory | Optional

Two handed axe.

STEEL knuckles (Flat +3 damage added to unarmed strikes.)
Rolling Kit (Fronto Leaf & Herb AKA that GORILLA GLUE.) + Disposable Case (In game item)
Matches (In rolling kit)
Lantern (In game item)
Heavy Crossbow (In game item)
Lock Picks (In game item)
Fishing Kit (In game item)
Travel Pack (Back pack)
--Ft rope. (In game item)

The Elusive Orc:
The Orc is usually occupied with the attendence of his live stock and caring for the animals as it is a day-to-day job. Thus the question "Where's Ruby?"; being outside of the walls he does not get much news or traffic of people to deliver said news so he often misses out on the activities of the inner walls. However, when spotted in the city he'd most likely be shopping for any goods he may need to bring back home. Most of the time spices for his cooking shenanigins over at his home.

Owner of the Live Stock, production of meats and dairy goods to the city.
Building level 2.
  • 150 Crystals Weekly
  • 4 animals total

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