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Mar 3, 2023
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Looking for two or three to join in an adventure out of town. Exploration of the island and a fair amount of gathering.
Seek Siris
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To Blue Briar. "Thou Art a Whore's Bitch." At the end.
A duel of challenge by Siris. No armor, two handed blades,
and nothing but Frostborn abilities.​
Briar would seemingly get a red inked quill and write "You're obsessed. And weird. And odd. Stop."

Seems like her way of denying him his challenge. She would also cross out the word "whore" and also write "Only a bitch."
"If there is room and time for one that can handle the sea and the fishes,
a nice little adventure to reaches beyond this tiny island would be at least one of my wishes~"
~Signed by Bliss.

By this small text is an obligatory stylized image of a simplified-in-detail Bliss-head showing a big grin with a single visible hand doing a thumbs up.
An N with ram horns and a cambion's tail curled around it would be doodled alongside Amber's beautiful artwork.
The Document would be shown to the crew of The Borealis and kept aboard
the Airship for them to keep first of all. Though this is the quick report summary
drafted up by Siris upon his travels back to Sunnydale.

Expedition Report of [10/28/2023]

Notable members of this voyage were Nithvara, Ruby, Amber, Brock, Chirp, and myself; Siris.

Resettled upon location of landing from last time, the new cover, and group planted their tent states south of the bay and near where the cart was encountered.

A "Baron Archibald" who was "Entrusted by Lord Velseth" to oversee the area approached with an armed guard and offered a deal. Labor for raw resources for us staying in the area and settling up under his permission.

After some conversation a map was shown and the deal accepted. After this we made the foundation for the rest of the settlement and ferried back to Sunnydale to settle in.
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To those interested;

We are to make expansions to the newlytitled "Camp Liavyre" to bring in their mines, workshops, and new housing if possible. We need compatants for this venture to clear the area fully of beasts and threats that would prevent us from these hills of ore.

If interested speak to Siris at the Camp or Sunnydale. Requiring warriors, mages, or those able to fend for themselves with magic, swords, or more.
For the clearing of beasts for the mines; the notice has been repinned as the poster might have gotten lost. All are free to sign up if they are able to fight by their own means and help clear land without being out of their own depth of expertice. Contact Siris to assist Camp Liavyre.
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Seeking a small party for a classic adventure. We will be clearing out the more highly dangerous beasts around Camp Liavyre to ensure nothing can hinder its progression thus far. The mines have been cleared yet still foes do remain. In t his all that is offered is Psisilver if the beast is mutated, or their hides and any pieces that can be used as Alchemicals.

If interested Seek out Siris at the tavern in Sunnydale. Semi-experienced volunteers sought after.
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