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Jun 27, 2023
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[!] This is mostly found in Faygarde

Those that these concerns,

Faygarde has a lot of resources. As time goes on. It will be our first fall and winter in the cherry isles. Due to us rapidly growing and becoming a city. There has been people becoming nobles and the like that live in other locations. Faygarde takes care of its own. The noble houses in Faygarde for minor nobility will be cut shorter. Due to the Shogun at this point not knowing who there is. To prevent chaos those that do not address the shogun or the court in person will have their titles revoked and land that will be given. It's best if nobody suffers, soon a homeless shelter will be up. Warnings are be given to family in foreign lands to return and receive their land and crystals. Soon the keep for the shogun will be done; After the cults of hell promotions to the guard will be given a promotion at the keep. Faygarde is growing too quickly.

- Sincerely, Shogun Temple
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