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Mar 4, 2023
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Hello all,

This announcement is an update on what will entail the patched plans for the near future, keeping players in the loop, and what direction we’ll be heading.

Due to the long waiting period for some arcs and events to be pursued or finished, staff has decided to conclude most of them for a fresh new start for story building and the like. Here are some IC conclusions that people can take into account accordingly;

Weak Fantasy: Cultists or otherwise, the activity of these events slowly becomes silent over time, whether it be due to the famine causing the many deaths of starving victims or those sailing to try and find new horizons, Sunnydale becomes quiet and begins to heal, a slow process to recovery.

Fred the Bear: The main threat for which the Sunnydale Walls had been shut off for any exit into the wilds. The roars of the terrible beast abruptly become silent, the beast coming to its end, and after some time, the walls open back up. No more permits or force to keep folk inside and roaming out how they feel. (OOC: Please note that if you wander outside the walls and a DM catches you, DMs have all right to interact with you ICly.)

Madilyn of Piety returns: After some time of missing, Madilyn returns with the aid of the guard force, however, she rests with the remaining clergy, tending to her well-being. She will remain out of commission from her former duties. However, she is still able to be interacted with.

Famine: Due to the efforts of several members of the community, the crops and food stock of Sunnydale began to replenish itself slowly. Food rations help immensely, catering to farms and building new farms start to heal or shift from location. More food over the next week begins to increase.

Lore Bounty Board
The Bounty Board will be temporarily closed for further submissions so the staff team can focus on more pressing matters. An announcement will be put out once it’s available once more.

Systems will be getting worked on soon with some additional tweaking, e.g. rephrasing words for clarity's sake, simplifying, etc. However, the central core of systems will still be primarily the same. Please remember that we have a rework server that you can find in our main discord if you have any questions and so forth.

Map & Plugin change
Players will start to see changes from the technical side of the server, updating or changing plugins and new additions. This includes working with the Build Team with regions, buildings, plotworld, etc., to make room for settling. Some changes will also be going into the server discords, so watch for those.

Community Events
There is now a section in Discord for Community Events where the Community Team will be running OOC events such as Movie or Game nights, art competitions, etc., or catering to the server as Server Outreach where if you need a hand with something or want to voice concerns, poke those with the CT tag.

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