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┌─── ∘°❉ Useful Commands ❉°∘ ───┐

Hello Voyagers,
Here you will find useful commands for whenever you log into the server. This is a list of what you can use in-game!

These are your channels to switch between. Remember to leave OOC in the OOC channels (OOC and Local) and Roleplay in Roleplay Channels.
Chat Channels
/leave ooc : You will not view OOC channel until you turn it back on.
/local : Allows out of character chatter with those around you. Range of 30.
/yell : A long range roleplay channel. Range of 50.
/rp : The standard distance roleplay channel. Range of 30.
/indoors: A slightly shorter distance roleplay channel. Range of 15.
/quiet : For more hushed conversations, a smaller chat range. Range of 5.
/whisper : An even smaller chat range that requires you to be nearly on top of the other players to speak to them. Range of 2.
If you find that chats are getting overwhelming, you can do
/ch leave {channel name}
─── ∘°°∘ ───

Osria uses a roll base system called Voyager. Voyager helps you determine what your character is the most skilled at and whenever you need to make a specific roll, you do the following command.
/roll d20 + modifier will roll a dice a number of times to the number of sides that is entered
Plus and minus modifiers can be added to the end of a roll

─── ∘°°∘ ───

This is how you can message people ingame!
Private Message In game
/msg {Username} {text} : Sends a message to the specified player
/r {text}: respond to the last message that was sent to you

─── ∘°°∘ ───

This is how you can check your balance, other's balances and who is on top ingame!
Money Balance
/bal will display your current balance
/pay {player} {amount} will pay the player of that username the specified amount
/baltop displays the top balances of players
─── ∘°°∘ ───

Character Cards & Tags can be done on the server. Tags will display before your character's name in any roleplay channel, while character cards can be displayed on your person to let people know.
Character Card & Tags
/tags : Will display a number of ‘titles’ to choose from that will appear beside your name in any roleplay channel.
/character new : Makes a new character card
/char name : Set the First and/or Last name of your character
/char age : Set an integer for your character’s age
/char gender : Set your character’s gender or other
/char description : Add a brief insert to describe your character
/char view {Username} : Displays another player’s character card

─── ∘°°∘ ───

Sometimes people would like to decorate a home or build a region of their own. When players make a Build Team ticket, they are asked to make a plot. Here are the commands in how you can make a plot below.
Build Plots
/warp buildplots : Will take you to the build world
/plotclaim : Makes a plot for you to build in
/plot merge : Combines your claimed plots
/plot add {username} : Allows a player to build on your plot while you are online
/plot trust {username} : Allows a player to build on your plot while you are offline
/plot remove {username} : Removes a player’s ability to build on your plot
/plot visit {Username} : Takes you to the specified user’s plot
/plot home : Takes you to your plot
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